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  • February 6, 2019

    Harvard researchers surprised by their own findings on marijuana

    A study found that men who consume cannabis have higher sperm counts, another Arizona MMJ patient gets busted for extracts, and more in today's newsletter.

    New marijuana research surprises scientists. Another Arizona medical marijuana patient gets busted for extracts he purchased from a licensed dispensary. Utah’s Supreme Court will hear arguments challenging the legislature’s marijuana law, surprising advocates. Also: Maine’s governor is working with lawmakers on a bill to allow edible CBD products. 🌳

    Surprising results from cannabis research.

  • February 5, 2019

    Licensed cannabis businesses struggle to compete with black market

    Unlicensed sellers have a stubborn hold in Mass. and Calif., authorities are cracking down on hemp-derived CBD, and more in today's newsletter.

    The cannabis black market has a stubborn hold on Massachusetts and California. State and local authorities are cracking down on hemp-derived CBD. Most medical marijuana patients are using the drug “for reasons where the science is the strongest,” according to a new study. Also, job openings in the cannabis industry rose 76 percent last year (and its workers get paid more).

  • February 4, 2019

    Jury finds cannabis church founder guilty of public consumption

    Steve Berke is weighing an appeal, authorities are having trouble telling the difference between marijuana and hemp, and more in today's newsletter.

    Co-founder of cannabis church in Denver found guilty of public pot consumption. Authorities struggle to tell the difference between hemp and marijuana. A mother who was featured in the rejected Super Bowl ad speaks out about the CBS rejection. Also: Psilocybin decriminalization is going to be on the Denver ballot.

  • February 1, 2019

    WHO recommends removing CBD from international drug schedules

    Marijuana and THC products would still be scheduled, MedMen gets sued again, and more in today's newsletter.

    WHO recommends removing CBD from international drug schedules. Since 1980, drug arrests have increased 170 percent, and racial disparities have worsened. A drug raid that resulted in two dead suspects and five injured cops yielded a “small amount” of marijuana and cocaine. Also: MedMen gets sued by its former CFO.

  • January 31, 2019

    Oregon audit criticizes marijuana regulators for failing to keep up with inspections

    The audit also found problems with cannabis lab testing regulations, the largest pot lounge in S.F. opens its doors, and more in today's newsletter.

    A state audit found numerous problems with Oregon’s marijuana program. Feds and local police team up to crack down on unlicensed Colorado marijuana grows. South Carolina cops seized $1,800 in cash from an assault victim’s home because he had an ounce of weed. Also: The largest pot lounge in San Francisco opens its doors.

  • January 30, 2019

    Maine court uphold’s medical marijuana patient’s eviction

    Maine's highest court said a man's eviction was justified, Baltimore police will continue to arrest people for pot possession, and more in today's newsletter.

    Maine’s highest court upholds a medical marijuana patient’s eviction. After Baltimore’s prosecutor announced she would stop prosecuting pot possession, cops said they would still arrest people anyways. Idaho police say a hemp shipment was actually marijuana. Also: A former Trump campaign advisor who pleaded guilty in the Mueller probe is joining the board of a cannabis company.

  • January 29, 2019

    Trump’s AG pick offers reassurance to cannabis operators

    Barr pledges not to crack down on cannabis businesses, Baltimore to stop prosecuting marijuana offenses, and more in today's newsletter.

    Prospective attorney general Bill Barr offers some reassurance to the cannabis industry. Disagreement is brewing in Congress over medical marijuana for veterans. Baltimore will stop prosecuting marijuana possession offenses. Also: How New York governor Cuomo’s legalization plan favors existing medical cannabis producers in the state. 🌳

    Bill Barr confirms that he won’t crack down on cannabis.

  • January 28, 2019

    Cannabis business owners plead guilty to drug charges

    Denver prosecutes a licensed marijuana business, vape cartridges are testing positive for lead, and more in today's newsletter.

    The owners of a licensed cannabis company pleaded guilty to drug charges. California cannabis labs are finding toxic heavy metals in vape cartridges. The global elite talk cannabis and psychedelics at Davos. Also: Thailand revoked cannabis patent requests from foreign firms. 🌳

    Licensed pot business prosecuted for the first time.

  • January 25, 2019

    Drug war reparations in the age of luxury cannabis

    When profits outpace expungement and equity efforts, a federal judge seems fed up with marijuana prohibition, and more in today's newsletter.

    In the age of luxury cannabis, what about those who got busted for pot? A U.S. Circuit Court judge is fed up with federal prohibition when it comes to cannabis companies filing their taxes. How the government shutdown could help commercial cannabis efforts in D.C. Also: Joe Montana makes another investment in the cannabis industry.

  • January 24, 2019

    Californians spent $2.5 billion on cannabis last year

    Cannabis spending in the Golden State actually dropped, a federal judge thinks medical marijuana is great, and more in today's newsletter.

    California consumers spent $2.5 billion on legal marijuana last year, half a billion less than the previous year. A federal judge wanted to allow medical marijuana for a person on probation, but couldn’t due to prohibition. Somehow, marijuana is still a controlled substance in Michigan, and advocates are suing to change that.