For Today I Am a Boy: Artists capture the feelings of gender dysphoria


As most trans people know, gender dysphoria can be a horrible experience. It can be difficult to see yourself in music, film, and art — until certain songs click. This week’s playlist highlights many great trans artists as well as other songs by non-trans people which encapsulate the sinking feeling which arrives with gender dysphoria.

Some tracks are empowering, some are hopeful, and others are bleak as fuck. Sometimes, what we need is music that shows us the darkest and brightest depths of our emotions — something weed can help with too. Much has been made about the lack of inclusivity in the cannabis industry — especially when it comes to the LGBTQ community. Thankfully, entrepreneurs like the iconic trans activist Buck Angel are working to bring cannabis back to the the queer community with a “grand vision of a grassroots movement to improve the lives and health of LGBTQ people everywhere using cannabis.”

Happy toking!

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