Boing Boom Tschak: Kraftwerk craft a hallucinatory world


Kraftwerk probably isn’t the first name you’d imagine would appear on a weed playlist. “It is not easy to turn knobs on a synthesizer if you are drunk or full of drugs… We always tried to keep very aware of what we were doing while acting in public,” band member Karl Bartos once said.

But this trippy, mystical world of their music is very palpable – ‘Hall of Mirrors’ explores the self-destructive nature of the human psyche. Existential questions are posed en masse, a feeling familiar to anyone who regularly smokes weed or has dabbled in other substances.

On a lighter note, ‘Home Computer’ is a futurist anthem of sorts, and ‘Autobahn’ is near enough the archetype of electro-pop music. Kraftwerk is one of the most important bands in history — there’s a contentious one to debate at your next sesh.

Happy toking!

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