Arisen My Senses: Björk journeys through familiar and strange emotions


Many would label Björk as weird or strange. However there is something very normal and tangible about her as an artist. That’s not to understate the singular nature of her music and aesthetic; her costumes, voice, and sonic ideas are all profoundly striking. But for me, Björk has always unpinned the hidden narratives inside all of us. Her music and image harness something both natural and emotional. Listening to records like Vulnicura and Vespertine can be introspective journeys, rather than voyages to other places.

For many — or myself anyway — smoking weed in solitude is exactly that. A voyage into one’s own emotions –- ones that might be unfathomable on the average day. If you’re one of those who’s never got into Björk, why not try? And why not try while stoned? Here’s a (fairly) easy route into her strange but grounded world.

Happy toking!

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