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Last week’s playlist that showcased one of my favorite artists to toke to — Arca. To continue on from that, I’ve chosen to focus on another artist who knows how to set the tone for a hot box. The clue is the pseudonym with Dean Blunt. He’s so well versed in hazy and hypnagogic sounds, and his songs just beg you to light up to them.

He’s certainly elusive, but has worked on a myriad of projects. Here, I’ve tried to present just a few of his best tracks, whether it be the stunning and wonderful duet with Inga Copeland in ‘The Narcissist,’ the hypnotic hip-hop tracks from his feted Babyfather BBF project. These tracks are not only backdrop for you to smoke to, but also an easy point of departure into to Dean Blunt’s world.

Happy toking!

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