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Smoking weed can often be a bright, yet mellow experience. For me, it’s mostly a cue to kick back, binge-watch a series, and eat ice cream in a state of utter comfort. But that’s not always the case. Sometimes you have to go out into the open world and perform simple errands while high, and that’s when some of the most surreal and paranoia-inducing experiences can unfurl. All of a sudden, a trip to the supermarket can become a million times more dramatic. You’re not just walking down the high street; you’re Kim Novak, knowingly tailed by Jimmy Stewart in Act 1 of Vertigo. You’re Harrison Ford in pursuit of a sexy reptilian android. Or you’re a down-on-your-luck screenwriter being lured into a mansion on Sunset Boulevard.

Being high in public can lead to film noir experiences, where the mundane becomes dramatic and everyday innocence becomes shady. For this playlist, I’ve curated the soundtrack to these times, whisking the listener into what might be the most dramatic stoned adventure you could ever hope for. Hear Bernard Hermann’s heady overture to Vertigo, the endless drama of Barry Adamson’s Moss Side Story – a score for an imaginary detective film – or the swirling contagion of 2010s artists like Ezra Furman and US Girls as they continue the lineage. We welcome you to the Tokin’ Tunes Film Noir spectacular.

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