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Since I started writing this column, I’ve been wondering whether I’d ever succumb to the idea of making a typical stoner playlist. If I were going to, it wouldn’t consist of jangly indie dirge like Mac Demarco — I’ve never really understood that kind of stuff. Instead, I wanted to compile some tracks that, despite not being crafted with narcotics in mind, are unintentionally stoner-ish.

The Flamingos’ 1959 hit ‘I Only Have Eyes for You,’ which opens the playlist, is the epitome of sounding inadvertently stoney. Echo and reverb drench the sound design, making the song feel decades ahead of its time. Equally incomprehensible is ‘Love In Outer Space,’ the closest Sun Ra has come to a pop song. Taken from Singles: The Definitive 45s Collection, the tune is an essential starting point for people who want to delve into his work.

This week’s playlist is a warped take on a stereotypical smoking playlist. The only cohesion you’ll find is a dreamy, hazy atmosphere.

Happy toking!

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