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In recent years, there’s been an uptick in the number of TV shows that feature cannabis use. No longer used just as a cheap punchline or for a moralizing scare story, there’s a considerable overlap between the dawn of “peak TV” and the realization that audiences might just be able to relate to characters smoking up as an everyday pastime. For whatever reason, weed-heavy shows tend to have excellent theme songs, so we’ve rounded up some of the best.

Comedy Central’s Broad City is something of an institution now, and it made clear its stoner tendencies early on. Its credits only use 13 seconds of DJ Raff’s ‘Latino and Proud’ but the full track is a wickedly choppy ride. Elsewhere on Comedy Central is Workaholics, which has a pretty strong soundtrack across the board and boasts the skronky, beat-box-heavy tune ‘Jockbox’ by The Skinny Boys as its theme.

We’d be remiss if we didn’t make the obvious inclusion here: Malvina Reynolds’ ‘Little Boxes’ – a folk standard that was associated with cannabis use forever after appearing as the them on Showtime’s series Weeds. It’s been covered ad infinitum, but the original has an undeniable twee charm.

Joan Jett’s classic ‘Bad Reputation’ also must be mentioned. The theme song to cult-favorite Freaks and Geeks can be heard here.

Happy toking!

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