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  • In California, cannabis events in the state face an uncertain future with new state regs. Oakland passed local cannabis regulations.
  • In Maryland, medical marijuana sales start after years of waiting, but supply issues loom.
  • In Hawaii, police are reviewing a policy that requires MMJ patients to turn in their guns.
  • In Ohio, the state announced 12 license winners for large-scale MMJ grows.
  • In Minnesota, the state added two new conditions to its restrictive MMJ program.
  • In New Jersey, towns worried about weed legalization launch a committee to study its effects.
  • In New York, the governor signed a bill to require the health department to list all MMJ doctors on its website.
  • In Michigan, anti-cannabis advocates formed a group to fight legalization in the state.
  • In Wisconsin, the governor signed an industrial hemp bill.
  • In Arizona, a San Diego MMJ REIT bought a property in the state for $15 million.
  • In Oklahoma, two lawmakers are proposing industrial hemp legalization for next session.
  • In Louisiana, a company that lost out on an MMJ contract sues Southern University for records related to the selection process.
  • In Texas, MMJ patients worry about a shortage of registered doctors.
  • In North Dakota, a U.S. rep. expresses support for states’ rights and cannabis policy.

Word for Word

“I have never met the [Roger Stone]. I just know he models himself on Roy Cohn. He likes Trump and Bannon. He loves Nixon, he’s a pothead, and he has Nixon’s face tattooed on his back. And he has no morals.” – Journalist Paul DeRienzo, The Villager

“I started [using marijuana] in 1966. Kids, young kids shouldn’t do it because your brain is being formulated. But in 1966, I was in my 30s and I started. I don’t do it at work, I do it for recreation. It’s good for you, it’s good for you. Cannabis is good for you! It’s these damn people during the Nixon administration that really put cannabis into the position where it was a drug like heroin and cocaine and that was wrong. Now I think people in states like Nevada, Colorado, Oregon, Washington and soon California, people will be able to go into places and buy it legally like I do in Nevada.” – Top Rank CEO Bob Arum, CBS Sports

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