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Trance is often misunderstood. Thought of as a goofy genre, its proto-EDM is seen as overblown festival fodder, which has done a lot to sully its reputation. But Teki Latex’s 2014 mix Deconstructed Trance signaled a reappraisal of the genre, opening the door for a wave of new artists to break its sonic architecture apart and assemble something new out of its skeleton. This week’s crop of tunes flit between luscious and spacey jams, and more visceral blasts of sound.

Lorenzo Senni is somewhat of a figurehead in this new scene. His new release “XAllegroX” is built on these ideas, with blinking staccato synths that form a loose patchwork and featherlight drums run in the background. Dinamarca borrows from the genre’s in-your-face palette (and lifts a vocal from wholesale from the rave classic ‘It’s a Fine Day’).

Meanwhile, Mechatok strips out percussion, save for minimal clicks and bass throbs. Evian Christ and Dark0 throw seismic drums underneath barrages of noise, and v1984 smears the edges of their personal synth artillery to craft arcs of sound that fall into silence.

Happy toking!

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