This week’s playlist opens with ‘3’ by Pita — a beautifully noisy and distorted track from 1999’s Get Out — and closes with ‘Hail to Thee, Everlasting Pain’ by The Body. The tracks offer distinctly different takes on noise, though they’re both thoroughly consuming. Much has been written on the relationship between cannabis and aural perception, and while white noise is more often associated with meditative listening, we at WOTT think noise music offers a valuable experience too.

Pita is followed by a more recent venture in noise music from New York’s Pharmakon, aka Margaret Chardiet. ‘Nakedness of Need’ is the opening track from Contact. Released earlier this year, Chardiet’s screams and cries are accompanied by grimey growls.

Also featured are tracks from Pan Daijing’s debut full-length album Lack, Cosey Fanni Tutti’s project with Philippe Petit, and Puce Mary’s 2016 release, The Spiral.

Happy toking!

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