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Breaking from the tone of the past few playlists, this week we offer one of calming of minimalist music. From precursors such as Erik Satie’s now-iconic Gymnopedies to recent ventures such as Claire M Singer’s ‘The Molendinar’ and Laraaji’s ‘Zither Dance,’ the playlist stretches from 1888 to 2016.

It opens with the psychedelic tones of minimalist pioneer Terry Riley’s ‘A Rainbow in Curved Air.’ Though he’s most famed for the piece ‘In C,’ we at WOTT think ‘Rainbow’ is far better suited to our purposes — a sentiment echoed by online commenters: “I first listened to ‘Rainbow in Curved Air’ along with The Twelve Dreams of Dr Sardonicus… I was with friends drinking Rougemont Castle wine and smoking home-grown herbs at the time… such were the joys of a 16-year-old in the early 70’s!”

Minimalist pioneer Steve Reich makes an appearance with a movement from orchestral work ‘The Four Sections.’ Christian Petrowsky’s recording of Ann Southam’s piece ‘Glass Houses’ is also included, as well as a more experimental composition from Barbara Benary called ‘Aural Shoehorning: Plainsong.’

Happy toking!

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