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This week’s playlist features tunes from post-punk’s vicinity, from noisier, industrial tracks to songs that veer towards synthpop. Based on releases solely from the ‘80s, it includes many sounds from the U.K., but also artists from the U.S., Slovenia, and Japan.

Opening the playlist is a growling tune from industrial pioneers Throbbing Gristle, followed by the Cocteau Twins’ melancholy ‘Persephone.’ Showcasing Elizabeth Fraser’s stunning vocal work, the tune comes from their 1984 release Treasure and was recorded before the culmination of Guthrie’s drug problems. This was also before Fraser had gotten into smoking pot, which she later said she regretted, especially as a vocalist.

‘Sex, Money, Freaks’ from Cabaret Voltaire’s C.O.D.E. also makes an appearance, as well as post-punk icons Siouxsie and the Banshees with ‘Spellbound, EBM sounds of Nitzer Ebb with ‘Join the Chant,’ and the hazy, dreamlike sounds of Tomo Akikawabaya in ‘Mars.’

Happy toking!

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