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Since the early 1990s, it’s been on- and off-trend to blatantly reference drugs in popular music. From Cyprus Hill’s ‘I Wanna Get High’ to Lana Del Rey’s ‘High By The Beach,’ many tunes are unabashed in their enthusiasm for altered states. But in the earlier days of recorded music, drug references were more often in-group phrases that non-consumers wouldn’t understand.

This week’s Toking Tunes playlist delivers a range of modern and not-so-modern songs that reference drugs indirectly. A couple of our favorites are in this list, including ‘Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds.’ As an adult with LSD experience, the song is an obvious reference to the psychedelic drug. But as a child, it evoked dream-like images of a colorful, plasticine candy-land. Steely Dan’s ‘Kid Charlemagne,’ loosely based on stories of the famed acid chemist Owsley Stanley and the Merry Pranksters, is a hat tip to the pioneers of modern psychedelic exploration.

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