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This week’s Toking Tunes playlist comes from Calum Armstrong aka Pet Grotesque. A former editor at Volteface (where Word on the Tree’s founder and editor has freelanced), Armstrong left his full-time gig to pursue music. His debut album Good Egg is available at Bandcamp and you can find out more at Facebook.

In 2015, I became involved with Cannabis is Safer than Alcohol (CISTA), a pro-cannabis political party based in London. While I worked as an organizer in a small team towards reforming U.K. drug laws, I inched along working on my music as well.

The political party morphed into a think tank called Volteface, where I became an editor and writer. We knew about Word on the Tree, and I couldn’t help but sing the name in a faux-Americana country style. Being quite catchy, I soon realized it was a tune that wanted to be fleshed out and recorded. I did so after leaving Volteface to focus on my music earlier this summer. Like many, I love getting high and so it’s my ‘legalize it’ tribute tune.

As a way of giving a little back to WOTT, I scoured my brain to pick out a playlist of stoner-related tracks from bands that have given me valuable musical inspiration over the years. I hope you find something you enjoy in here. (Spliffs optional!)

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