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We’re going on vacation. This editor is taking a two-week break from this newsletter and the maddening pace of news on the internet. We’ll be back with our regular dispatches on July 24! 🌳

Cannabinoid receptors are actually quite malleable. Scientists have long thought that cannabinoid receptors worked like a lock and key with cannabinoids. But new research using X-ray crystallography has found that it doesn’t quite work this way: The “CB1 [receptor] is like a door that opens to the tune of many different secret knocks.” Using the same technology that was first used to visualize DNA, researchers found that CB1 receptors look like “a bundle of [seven] microscopic sausage links.” Wired

Reconsidering the drug test. Former Cannabist editor Ricardo Baca used to consult with Denver Post editors on the paper’s drug-testing policy. Editors would ask, “Hey, I’ve this new hire, she’s really great, but she lives in Seattle and she consumes regularly, and she’s not going to pass this drug test, and so can you help us out?” said Baca. Later, the paper dropped the requirement — a move that more Colorado businesses are following. “If you disqualified every person because of the use of marijuana, we would end up not having very many candidates to choose from,” said the owner of a roofing company. Colorado Public Radio

MassRoots denies knowing about a stock-promotion scheme. Cannabis social media company MassRoots was notified by the OTC Markets that promotional activities may have influenced its stock — paid promotions must be disclosed to the public. The company said it was unaware of the activity. Forbes MassRoots seems to have buried the news with a press release after the market closed before a holiday weekend. New Cannabis Ventures

Be cautious when reading about cannabis research. A recent article titled “Science: Regular Consumption of Marijuana Keeps You Thin, Fit, and Active” hinges on one statement about cannabis use and BMI from a paper out of the Oregon Health and Science University. The problem? The study’s lead author said the analysis took the statement out of context, focusing on BMI when the research actually examined cannabis use and bone mineral density (BMD). Healthline

Medical marijuana patients and driving. In South Australia, the Upper House voted to allow medical marijuana patients to drive. The lawmaker who put forth the proposal said it would only apply when a doctor says the patient would not be impaired by the medicine. The police minister said allowing medical cannabis patients to drive would be “crazy.” ABC News

How one entrepreneur got U.K. pharmacies to stock his CBD products. Michal Takac found CBD after an accident with an industrial printing press resulted in the loss of three fingers. He found little relief in drugs and medicated creams, until he discovered CBD oil. Despite recent regulatory barriers for CBD businesses in the country, Takac is working with regulators to make his products more available. The Independent

Toking Tunes

Spiritual State. Departing from the warm sounds of influential Japanese producer Nujabes, this week’s playlist features a range of dreamy tunes. Word on the Tree

  • In Nevada, the first four days of adult-use sales netted the state $500,000 in marijuana tax revenues.
  • In Maryland, the governor appointed 10 new members to the MMJ regulatory agency.
  • In Pennsylvania, how the medical cannabis law only allows for the priciest treatments.
  • In Minnesota, patients with PTSD will be able to access medical marijuana starting August 1.
  • In New Mexico, an anti-drug group protests the use of the word “pharmaceutical” by a medical marijuana company.
  • In New York, veterans press the governor on allowing medical marijuana for PTSD.
  • In Alaska, marijuana dispensaries got their Facebook pages shut down.

Word for Word

“‘I can’t remember the last time I removed a kid and it didn’t have to do with drugs,’ says [social worker Kerri] Mongenel, a quick-witted redhead. Her clients range from preschoolers who know to call 911 when a parent overdoses to steely teenagers who cook and clean while Mom and Dad spend all day in the bathroom. Often, the kids marvel at how quickly everything changed—how a loving mom could transform, as one teenager put it, into a ‘zombie.'” – Julia Lurie for Mother Jones

“Not since I entered high school have I stayed in bed past 5:30 a.m., but here I am at 7:30, peeling the blanket from over my eyes. The impending decision about my father’s parole has suspended time—suspended my whole life, really. Today, we’re set to find out whether he will be released from prison. By this afternoon, my world could be filled with love and possibility instead of heartache and loneliness.” – Tristan Darshan for The Marshall Project

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