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Rap music and reefer, hip-hop and the holy herb; these two things have been virtually rolled into one fat blunt since the ’90s. When Cypress Hill released their eponymous debut in 1991, they sparked a fire that continues to burn strong.

This week’s playlist decidedly avoids ‘I Got 5 On It’ and ‘Gin and Juice’ (great but overplayed weed songs) or anything by Wiz Khalifa. These 10 tracks were selected to tip the hat to some of the early pioneering tracks and give some shine to lesser known cannabis-centric cuts that deserve more airplay.

We begin with the zany and urgent ‘America’s Most Blunted’ by Madvillain, followed by more obvious classics like ‘Acid Raindrops’ by People Under The Stairs and ‘Mary Jane’ from Scarface. Go for an introspective smoke session with Kendrick Lamar on his track ‘Kush & Corinthians.’ The playlist closes with the chilled and humorous ‘Lower Da Boom’ by New Jersey’s Artifacts.

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