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3 Feet No Pressure is filled with the unexpected rhythms of footwork. From Chicago and beyond, this week we bring you sounds from (and inspired by) the street dance that originated in the ’80s.

The playlist opens with footwork pioneer RP Boo. ‘02-52-03’ features a banging sample of DJ Slugo’s ‘114799 (The Godzilla Track),’ which listeners may recognize as a fragment of the 1964 Mothra vs. Godzilla theme song. Written by Akira Ifukube, it can also be heard in the weighty opening to Pharoahe Monch’s ‘Simon Says.’

Closing out the playlist is Jlin, who solidified her reputation as an innovative producer on the edge of footwork with her 2015 LP Dark Energy. ‘Challenge (To Be Continued)’ is a lively taste of the upcoming release Black Origami.

Also featured are bass-heavy, footwork-influenced tracks from London, the sound of suspected weed enthusiast DJ Paypal, as well as a track from the vital, much-missed DJ Rashad.

Happy toking!

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