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Daddy G, a founding member of the band Massive Attack, describes Blue Lines as “dance music for the head, rather than the feet.” If there was ever music for couch lock, trip-hop may be it.

This week, we bring you a playlist of trip-hop sounds, which includes the ever-smooth Blue Lines — a classic track from the album of the same name.

Also featured: the slow, trippy ‘Solex in a Slipshod Style’ from Solex, a Wagon Christ (Luke Vibert) remix of ‘Turtle Soup’ by DJ Food, and ‘What I’m Feelin (Good)’ by Nightmares On Wax, on the essential Smokers Delight.

Björk’s ‘One Day’ from Debut makes a slightly surprising appearance. Though perhaps not the most trip-hop-y of her catalogue, we at WOTT think the eclectic rhythms and sounds are in keeping with the rest of the playlist.

Closing this week is ‘Glory Box’ from Portishead’s seminal Dummy. Slow and groovy, it’s fitting music for melting into your couch.

Happy toking!

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