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Discount Tire Co., a tire company chain based in Arizona, is the latest big donor to anti-legalization efforts. The company donated $1 million to fight Prop. 205, the state’s ballot measure to legalize adult-use cannabis.

Supporters of the legalization initiative encouraged voters to boycott the tire business and to voice their displeasure with the company.

“I’m sure Discount Tire is doing this as an advertising mechanism in Arizona — to look like the good guys — like they’re anti drug,” said one Prop. 205 supporter.

This is not the first time Discount Tire has gotten into trouble with its political positions. The chain posted signs that said “Re-Elect Sheriff Joe Arpaio,” prompting boycott calls earlier this year.

In August, an Arizona-based pharmaceutical company donated $500,000 to fight legalization in the state. Insys Therapeutics, which makes opioid and synthetic cannabinoid medicines, disclosed in a filing that legal cannabis represents a threat to their product lines.

While it’s well-known that pharmaceutical and alcohol industries are against legal cannabis, it’s interesting that a tire company out-spent pharma in this race. Discount Tire’s donation is the largest that No on Prop. 205 has received, reports The Arizona Republic. But it may have more to do with Discount Tire CEO Bruce Halle’s alliance with the governor than industry interests. Gov. Doug Ducey has been raising money to fight the legalization initiative.

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