• Media blames weed for wreck that killed two children

    But the headlines don't say anything about the Oxycodone pills and alcohol in the car.

    August 11, 2017

    “Police: Woman high on weed in wreck that killed grandkids,” blared a headline from The Associated Press.

    But it’s unclear whether the driver of the car was indeed under the influence of marijuana.

    The AP report states:

    The Morning Call of Allentown reports that authorities found marijuana and 49 Oxycodone pills inside Walton’s purse and several bottles of alcohol in the car.

  • Reefer Madness still alive and well in the local news

    Coverage of a bus crash focuses on marijuana, despite the driver's consumption of various pharmaceuticals.

    April 12, 2017

    While cannabis policy reform gains steam around the country, local news outlets still have some work to do. Reefer Madness headlines continue to top stories, like this one published Tuesday by the San Antonio Express-News: Pot found in truck that hit church bus near Leakey, DPS says.