Published On September 15, 2017

Opening this week’s playlist is the bright and flashy ‘PONPONPON’ from J-pop star Kyary Pamyu Pamyu. Catch the fantastically trippy video here if you haven’t already.

Also featured this week are a range of pop sounds. On the weirder end of things we have the eclectic Róisín Murphy with ‘Night of the Dancing Flame’ from her excellent 2005 album Ruby Blue, as well as Mhysa’s catchy ‘Strobe’ from Fantasii.

On the more mainstream end, we feature Gwen Stefani and Eve with ‘Rich Girl,’ Robyn with ‘With Every Heartbeat,’ and Grimes with ‘Kill V. Maim.’ The latter is also accompanied by a music video that makes for excellent couch-lock stimulation, though Grimes herself isn’t a big smoker. Rounding out the playlist are two saccharine tunes from London label PC Music.

Happy toking!

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