Published On March 31, 2017

The sci-fi synth sounds of Dopplereffekt’s 1999 ‘Rocket Scientist’ set the scene perfectly for this week’s playlist. Though limited by Spotify’s Detroit-techno selections, Kaotic Harmony persists in taking you on a journey to the city, stopping by the iconic sounds of artists like Cybotron and Underground Resistance. [Editor’s note: Underground Resistance’s ‘Mi Raza’ on Spotify is mislabeled, and is actually the track ‘Nannytown.’]

K Hand’s ‘B1 Untitled’ from her Project 5 EP makes an energetic appearance. From Kelli Hand’s extensive list of EPs, Project 5 is particularly infectious.

Also featured are tracks from Model 500, Drexciya, and Moodymann — who supposedly would be Blue Dream if he were a strain of weed: “Perfect for treating feelings of depression, insomnia, and pain — all common feelings after a nasty romantic separation, and all themes in Moodyman’s soul-soaked productions.”

Happy toking!

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