There are more drug offenders than murderers in American prisons

Drug offenders make up 15% of inmates, marijuana raids kill more people than the drug itself, and more in today's newsletter.

No one has ever died from a marijuana overdose. But at least 20 SWAT raids for marijuana offenses since 2010 have turned deadly. One man in Tampa, Fla. was shot by police, who found a total of 0.2 grams of cannabis in his home. Another unarmed man in Las Vegas was killed by an officer as he was flushing marijuana down the toilet.

Innocent people lose their lives when drug raids go wrong

SWAT raids for drugs, drug-testing welfare recipients, and more in today's newsletter.

Johnathan Namauleg would still be alive if not for prohibition

He was sent back to prison after using cannabis to treat his ADHD, where he later died just shy of his 22nd birthday.

Deep Feeling: Sounds of the blues

We start this week’s playlist with an early tune from Chuck Berry, before moving along a range of bluesy sounds from B.B. King to Big Mama Thornton.

Sessions inadvertently makes an argument for cannabis legalization

The attorney general said he is 'not a fan' of marijuana and is reviewing the Cole Memo.

Aussie Dad defends himself in court for giving cannabis oil to his epileptic daughter

Another look at Trump's budget, Dad faces drug charges for giving medicine to his daughter, and more in today's newsletter.